Season 2008 | Race 1 : Albert Park-Australia | 16 Maret 2008


So Glad karena season 2008 Formula 1 Sudah Dimulai….Semenjak Oktober saya nganggur nggak ada tontonan balapan. Paling hanya A1 GP yang lumayan menarik. Tapi nggak semenarik Formula 1 !

Perubahan regulasi yang paling penting pada season 2008 ini adalah tidak digunakannya Traction Control, sehingga pada musim ini benar-benar skill si pembalap yang menentukan hasil akhir. Pada musim-musim sebelumnya pembalap banyak ditolong oleh Traction Control (TC) ini sehingga bisa dibilang mengurangi excitement pada Formula 1.

Berikut hasil dari Formula 1 Race 1 Albert Park-Australia :

  1. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)

Lewis ‘ma man !

2. Nick Heidfeld (BMW-Sauber)

3. Nico Rosberg (Williams)

4. Fernando Alonso (Renault)

5. Heikki Kovalainen (Renault)

6. Kazuki Nakajima (Williams)

6. Rubens Barrichello (Honda)

7. Sebastien Bourdais (Scuderia Toro Rosso)

8. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)

Hanya 7 pembalap yang berhasil finish pada race 1 ini. Sebagian besar pembalap retired karena crash sendiri atau dengan mobil pembalap lain. Crash terhebat dialami oleh Timo Glock (Toyota) pada lap 45 dimana mobilnya keluar dari lintasan lalu terbang dan mendarat kembali dengan sangat keras…beruntung Timo tidak apa-apa, hanya kelihatan pusing.

Sementara itu Sebastien Bourdais pada lap 56 keluar dari arena lomba. Akan tetapi masih masuk poin karena terjadi pada lap-lap akhir.

  • Double Retire untuk Ferrari (dan sumbangan poin untuk Raikkonen)

Akhir pekan yang malang untuk Ferrari karena dua pembalapnya gagal finish. Felipe Massa karena kerusakan suspensi hasil dari lap 1 dimana Massa terlibat kecelakaan dengan Kovalainen dan Robert Kubica, sedangkan Kimi Raikkonen mengalami problem mesin pada lap 55. Namun dengan di diskualifikasinya Rubens Barrichello karena tidak mengindahkan lampu merah di exit pitlane, maka Kimi naik ke peringkat 8. Sebuah awal yang hitam bagi Ferrari.
Berikut laporan lap demi lap yang diambil dari

FINISH: Rubens Barrichello could yet to be disqualified while Bourdais is classified P8 as his retirement came in the final few laps of the race. He therefore earns the final World Championship point. Great Toro Rosso debut for BourdaisFINISH: What a start to the new season! Hamilton takes the early advantage while Ferrari clearly still have a lot of work to do

FINISH: Barrichello and Nakajima complete the list of finishers as well as the points. No one, though, finishes in eighth place, the final point-scoring position

FINISH: Alonso finishes fourth, which is great for Renault who weren’t sure they’d be in the points this weekend. Kovalainen is P5 on his McLaren debut

FINISH: Nick Heidfeld and Nico Rosberg complete the podium. Great finish for BMW and Williams

Lap 58: Final lap and Hamilton cruises to his fifth career victory and the first of the new F1 season

Lap 57: Kovalainen takes fourth place off Alonso just two months after take his McLaren drive. Alonso, though, takes fourth place back. Revenge is sweet for the Spaniard

Lap 56: Bourdais retires! He pulls his Toro Rosso off on the side of the track and it’s race over. Pity, he was P4

Lap 56: Only eight runners left, which means every one of them will score a point today

Lap 55: And Raikkonen retires. It’s a double DNF for Ferrari and a really really bad start to the new season

Lap 54: Hamilton is leading by 5.5s over Heidfeld while Rosberg is on course for a podium finish in third place, a further 1.8s behind

Lap 53: Raikkonen is six seconds off the pace of Hamilton

Lap 52: Raikkonen appears to be having problems. His engine sounds sick. The question now is: Do Ferrari retire him and take the free new engine next week? Or do they take the two points this week and a ten-grid slot penalty next week in Malaysia? It’s a difficult choice for the reigning Champs

Lap 51: Alonso is all over the back of Bourdais and chasing him down for fourth place. Kovalainen is following on behind him

Lap 50: Nine drivers remaining in the field

Lap 49: Barrichello pits for his penalty. Alonso and Kovalainen have both passed Raikkonen for position

Lap 48: Kubica and Nakajima pit for repairs. They connected on the re-start

Lap 48: Safety Car in this lap. And we are back racing. Barrichello has been given a 10-sec penalty

Lap 47: Kovalainen and Alonso pit. Heikki drops to P9 and Alonso to P10

Lap 47: Barrichello is under investigation. His engineer has revealed they had to stop even though they weren’t allowed to. If they hadn’t, Barrichello would have run out of fuel

Lap 47: Safety Car is still out. Glock, thankfully appears to be okay although a bit winded. Pitlane is now open. This means Barrichello pitted when he wasn’t allowed and it’s only a matter of time before he gets a 10-sec penalty for stopping when he shouldn’t

Lap 46: Barrichello pits but takes down his mechanics as the fuel hose was still attached. He shouldn’t have been pitting though as the pitlane wasn’t yet open!

Lap 45: The Toyota driver went off the track, onto the grass, hit a bump that sent him airborne, the landing was hard, very hard, and sent him careening down the track, sliding and spinning before he stops about 300m down the track

Lap 45: Heidfeld pits. Huge shunt for Timo Glock brings out the Safety Car

Lap 44: Hamilton and Rosberg both pit

Lap 43: Raikkonen is right on Glock’s rear wing and tries powers passed him for tenth place but instead puts a wheel onto the grass and spun. Not a great afternoon for the reigning Champ

Lap 42: Heidfeld is closing in on Kovalainen. He wants second place. Barrichello is also going strong in fifth place

Lap 41: The Kubica/Alonso battle is helping Bourdais hold onto his P6 as the duo are intent on one another and ignoring him – at least for now

Lap 40: Alonso is urged to have a go at Kubica. But he looks to be pushing as hard as he can

Lap 39: Hamilton sets a few fastest lap time – a 1:27.452

Lap 38: Heidfeld is keeping Kovalainen honest and is matching the McLaren driver’s pace

Lap 37: Bourdais is coming under pressure from Kubica and Alonso. The STR driver is P6 in his F1 debut. Great race for the Frenchman

Lap 36: Hamilton is still leading the Australian GP, 5.5s ahead of Kovalainen

Lap 35: Alonso is pushing hard and running wide as a result of the TC ban. Great racing from the Spaniard

Lap 34: Raikkonen is the last driver in the race in 11th place. What a race. Alonso is trying to get past Kubica for seventh place. The Renault surprisingly has the advantage over the BMW at this stage of the race

Lap 33: Sato pulls off the track. He’s also out

Lap 32: Piquet Jr has also stopped out on track. His race is over

Lap 32: Raikkonen pits from 12th place

Lap 32: Massa pulls off to the side of the track and he’s out of the race. His suspension was probably damaged when David Coulthard hit him

Lap 31: The race is back on and Hamilton easily storms away. Raikkonen tries to overtake Kovalainen and finally is able to do it. But he’s too hot and he goes off the track. What is going on with Ferrari?

Lap 30: Kubica, Alonso, Nakajima and Glock all pit. Safety Car to come in end of this lap

Lap 29: Pitlane is open and Bourdais comes in for his second stop

Lap 28: Should Raikkonen be on a one-stopper this Safety Car has played into his hands as he is now just 4.0s behind race-leader Hamilton

Lap 27: Safety Car is out as debris from DC’s car is all over the track. Problem for Alonso who wanted to pit and now can’t until the pitlane is officially opened

Lap 26: Coulthard is out of the race! Massa tries to move up the inside of the Red Bull but DC closes the door and instead pushes his car into Massa’s front left tyre. The line was Massa’s. Pity for DC who probably didn’t notice the Ferrari

Lap 25: Kovalainen, in P2, is 6/10ths of a second slower than Hamilton while is holding up Raikkonen, who needs to get passed the Finn if he hopes to chase down race-leader Hamilton

Lap 24: Barrichello pits and Alonso is up to sixth place behind the two BMWs of Kubica and Heidfeld

Lap 23: Kovalainen pits from the lead. He comes out. Coulthard pits

Lap 22: Heidfeld and Rosberg pit

Lap 21: Trulli pits from fifth place but he climbs out the car. It’s a retirement for the Toyota driver. Massa takes 11th place off Sato

Lap 20: Raikkonen sets a new fastest first sector time. Sebastien Bourdais pits for his first ever F1 pit stop. He comes out at the back of the pack

Lap 19: Raikkonen FINALLY overtakes Barrichello through Turn Three. Pure speed slings the Ferrari passed the Honda

Lap 18: Hamilton pits from the lead. He is 14.7s ahead when he comes in. The McLaren driver is in for 9.2s and he comes out in fourth place behind Nick Heidfeld

Lap 18: Massa is up to P14 having overtaken Nakajima

Lap 17: Kuibca comes out behind Raikkonen, who is trying to pass Barrichello. The Honda driver, though, holds him at bay and Raikkonen has to let it go

Lap 16: Massa has closed in on Nakajima. The BMW mechanics are out for Kubica. He pits from second place

Lap 15: Glock finally powers passed Sato for 11th place

Lap 14: Sato, Glock and Bourdais are involved in a close and intense battle for 11th place

Lap 13: As for double World Champion Fernando Alonso he is lapping in 10th place behind Red Bull’s David Coulthard

Lap 12: Massa overtakes Piquet for 15th place. One has to wonder what Briatore is going to say about his newest rookie’s debut race!

Lap 11: Raikkonen is yo-yo-ing with Barrichello as he closes in only to drop off then closes in and then drops off. The Finn needs to overtake, he’s 24.5s behind

Lap 10: Sutil pits. Nakajima overtakes Piquet for 14th place. Sutil retires.

Lap 9: Another fastest lap from Hamilton while Kovalainen is closing in on Kubica

Lap 8: Heidfeld runs a bit wide as he tries to chase down Rosberg. It’s not the first time this weekend that Heidfeld has dirtied his tyres. He was often a bit wide during Friday and Saturday’s session

Lap 7: It’s a great opening stint for Nico Rosberg. The German is in fourth place ahead of Nick Heidfeld and Jarno Trulli

Lap 6: Hamilton is charging. He’s setting fastest lap after fastest lap as he pulls away from Kubica

Lap 5: Raikkonen is trying to get passed Barrichello’s Honda as he desperately needs to make up positions. He’s already 13s behind Hamilton

Lap 4: Hamilton is leading the grand prix by 2.2s over Kubica while Kovalainen is a further 1.9s back

Lap 3: Webber retires due to damage suffered in Lap One crash

Lap 3: Massa pits again as the Safety Car comes in. We are back racing

Lap 2: Webber pits for repairs

Lap 1: Massa and Nakajima pit for repairs

Lap 1: Vettel, Fisichella, Davidson and Button are all out from first lap crash, which has brought out the Safety Car

Lap 1: Raikkonen is up to eighth place

Lap 1: Great start from Hamilton and Kubica. Massa comes to pass Kovalainen but is blocked by Kubica. And there’s a crash involving Massa

START: And it’s go in Australia!

4h32: The drivers line-up on the grid ready for the start

4h31: Ferrari are starting the race on the softer option Bridgestone tyres. McLaren and the rest of the field are on the harder tyres

4h30: Formation lap is underway

4h29: Engines are fired up and the drivers are ready for the formation lap

4h27: Timo Glock will be starting P18 after earning two seperate five-grid slot penalties while Adrian Sutil is starting from pitlane after damaging his car in Saturday’s qualifying

4h25: Blue skies overhead with track temp 51’C and air temp 37’C

4h21: His team-mate Kimi Raikkonen is P15 on the grid after a fuel pressure problem put him out of qualifying at the end of the first segment

4h18: Heikki Kovalainen is starting P3 after clinching his best qualifying position ever, while Felipe Massa is Ferrari’s best-placed driver in fourth place

4h15: Robert Kubica, though, could put a dent in Hamilton’s dream of victory as the Pole claimed P2 on the grid in a surprisingly quick BMW on Saturday afternoon

4h11: Lewis Hamilton will be starting the race from pole position having dominated Saturday’s final qualifying segment

4h08: Today’s race will be the first without traction control, which is banned this season, so expect a few thrills and spills and some dodgy starts

4h05: The race takes place at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne and the crowds have packed the stands to watch race 1 of this 18-race Championship

4h00: Welcome to coverage of the 2008 Australian GP – the curtain-raiser for this year’s F1 World Championship!

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